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Lost / Found Pet Tips

Written by: Sherri VanWynsberghe 
Contact the following to give a lost or found report:
Winnipeg Humane Society (Dogs or Cats) 982-2025
Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter (Dogs or Cats) 832-7387
Darcy’s Arc (Dogs or Cats) 888-2266
Animal Services-City Pound (Dogs only) 986-2155 or 311 (ANYTIME 24/7)
Charleswood Pound (Dogs only) 895-0617
Quagga Stray Cat Rescue (Cats only) 237-1958
Cat Tails Rescue (Cats Only) 338-9725
Animal Emergency Hospital – 400 Pembina Hwy. (24 Hour Animal Emergency Hospital) 452-9427 (they often receive lost pets)

*****If you lose a pet that was adopted from a rescue or is being fostered make sure that you contact the rescue and give a lost report.

*****Veterinary Hospitals in the area that the pet was lost or found****
***** After filing reports it is a good idea to visit the Winnipeg Humane Society (Dogs & Cats) and Animal Services (Dogs Only) if your pet is lost.
Check for identification on found pets!
Dogs should have a City of Winnipeg license tag with I.D. #.  Animal Services will be able to trace the owner through the I.D. #. Call 311 ANYTIME 24/7 and they can trace the owner through the license (I.D.) #
Dogs or cats can have a rabies tag with an I.D. # issued by local vet clinics. The issuing vet office phone # will be on the tag and they will assist in tracing the owner through the I.D. #.
Some pets wear I.D. tags purchased at pet stores with the owner’s information.
Look in the pets right ear (dogs or cats) if the pet is comfortable having you do so as there could be a tattoo #. If the tattoo is readable contact the Winnipeg Humane Society, or a local Veterinary office to get assistance in tracing the owner. If you are unable to read the tattoo #, phone the Winnipeg Humane Society, or a local veterinary office to make arrangements to have it read (most vet offices will do this for free.)
Make arrangements to take the pet (dogs or cats) to the Winnipeg Humane Society, or a local veterinary office to be scanned for a microchip.
This service is free and if the pet has a microchip the owner can be traced.

Contact the media to place an ad for lost or found pets:

Winnipeg Free Press classified – 697-7100
*A “lost or “found” ad of approx. 25 words can be placed for free for 4 days.
(If needed the ad can be run again for free upon another phone call to the press.)
Winnipeg Sun classified – 775-7575
*A “found” ad consisting of 3 lines can be placed for free for 3 days.
*A “lost” ad consisting of 3 lines can be placed for 3 days for approx. $20.00.
Canstar Weeklies (Community Newspapers) – 697-7050
*A “lost” or “found” ad can be placed for free in the community paper for the area in which the pet was lost or found.
***Remember to continually check the newspapers to see if someone has placed a found ad regarding your lost pet. If you find a pet the owner may have placed a lost ad.
-Internet services for lost or found pets

Facebook page – Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert – e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook page – Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert
Facebook page – Lost or Found Animals
Kijiji Winnipeg
Buy & Sell Winnipeg
Craigslist Winnipeg

*****Always check these services to see if someone has placed a found ad if your pet is lost. If you find a pet the owner may have placed a lost ad.


Contact schools in the area that the pet was lost or found:

Ask the school office to do a public service announcement; children of all ages are a great
resource. Provide a poster to be put up as well.

Deliver posters with a picture and contact information

Posters of lost or found pets should be delivered to neighbors, posted on any community boards you can locate i.e.: Veterinary offices, pet stores, grocery stores, schools, school bus depots, etc.
*** If the pet is lost the poster should ask the public to check their out buildings such as garages and sheds. Pets, especially cats are curious and they may have wandered in and became trapped.
***Putting a very large sign in your front yard will give people passing by a heads up as well.
*If you are unable to temporarily take in a pet that you find to search for the owners please contact the Winnipeg Humane Society (Dogs &
Cats) 982-2025, or Animal Services-Pound (Dogs Only) 986-2155 or 311.

*After hours please contact the Animal Emergency Hospital at 452-9427 to see if they can assist you.

Protect Your Pet

-Make sure that your pets are tattooed and or micro chipped. Tattoo’s can fade and become unreadable so adding a microchip is a good idea. Call your local vets office for more information.

-Dogs need to be licensed through the city of Winnipeg (Most vet offices carry the forms.) A tag will be issued for the collar.

-Cats should not be allowed roam free; it is a city by-law that they reside on the owner’s property unless they are being walked on a harness and leash no longer than 6 feet. A safe outside enclosure can be built to keep the cat on the owner’s property.

-Pets should wear a collar with their I.D. tags. I.D. tags can be purchased at local pet stores.

-Do you have recent photo’s of your pet should they become lost? You will need photos to make posters.

-How well do you know your pet?????  What color are their eyes? Do they have distinguishing markings? What color are there whiskers? You should be able to provide details on your pet that might make them easier to identify.

-Do you have your pets tattoo #, license #, micro chip info. etc. handy so that you can provide this information when making your lost reports, posters and ads?

-Register your pet with Petlynx, there is a fee for registering but it lasts for the animal’s lifetime.

*****It is very important when you move and or change your phone number to update your pets information linked to the tattoo, microchip, license etc. The vet office that did the tattoo, and the Winnipeg Humane Society should be updated as they have a master list, call Animal Services to update license info. and call the phone number that is included with your microchip pkg. to update. If you adopt a pet that already has a tattoo and or a microchip it is important to make sure that the contact info. has been updated to your own.