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Definition: When the body isn’t able to produce enough insulin or any insulin at all. Insulin in the body attaches to receptor sites on body cells to stimulate them to take up glucose from the blood. Diabetes is often seen in older pets, particularly over weight pets. 

Clinical Signs: Increased Drinking, Increased Urination, Increased Appetite, Weight Loss despite good appetite, Rapid Development of Cataracts (dogs).

Diagnosis: Blood work to see if high levels of glucose present and check to see if uncontrolled diabetes has caused any damage to other organs, Urinalysis to see if glucose is present in the urine.

Treatment: Pets that are diagnosed with Diabetes usually start on insulin injections as well as a diet specific for diabetics. 30-40% cats can be weaned off their insulin and controlled strictly by diet. Dogs usually stay on insulin all their life. Lifelong monitoring of blood sugars is needed. Some patients allow this to be done at home with blood glucose monitors. Some need to be brought into the clinic for testing.