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Dental Disease


Dental Disease is one of the biggest oral health problems in pets! It is a disease that gradually progresses over time, and is therefore not often noticed or dealt with until it is quit sever. It starts with the formation of tartar on the teeth. This causes irritation along the gum line that leads to gingivitis. At this point you will start to notice your pet has bad breath. As thetartar builds up it begins to separate the gums from the teeth. The gums will start to recess and the bone in which the tooth sits starts to soften and become infected.

Dental Disease does not just affect their oral health. As the disease progresses and the gums become inflamed it acts as a portal for bacteria to enter directly into the blood stream. This bacteria then travels around the body causing many health concerns such as Kidney Disease and Heart Disease.

As Dental Disease progress it hits a point where the damage becomes irreversible. At this point your pet will need many teeth extracted. Extractions add up cost wise when it comes to getting a dental. Therefore dealing with the problem sooner rather than later saves you money in the long run, as well as your pet’s teeth!