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Roblin Animal Hospital/ Red River Spay and Neuter :

The Facts on Neutering


Castration or Neuter

Castration or neuter is the surgical removal of both testicles. Such surgery is performed to eliminat sexual activities and render the cat sterile. Castration usually, but not always, reduces a cat's tendancy to roam and fight. The general level of aggression may also be reduced

Reasons to Neuter Your Cat

1. Decrease risk of Cancer- Males that are neutered CAN’T get testicular cancer and they live 40% longer than their unneutered counterparts. Also 66% of unneutered males get prostate disease later on in life. They are also more prone to perineal hernias. The muscles just inside the rectum or anus can break down and weaken causing a painful hernia.

 2. Decrease desire to Roam- Unneutered males will seek out female cats in heat. They can smell a female cat in heat up to 20 miles away. A high number of animals hit by cars are unneutered males!

 3. Decrease Spraying in Cats – If a cat has started spraying to mark territory you can sometimes stop this behaviour by getting them neutered. They are often driven to spray by hormones. If you neuter them young then occasionally this can help with the spraying problem. However in older cats this becomes a learned behaviour and is no longer associated with hormones. In this case neutering may not stop the behaviour.