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"Spraying"/ Inappropriate Elimination in Cats


** Always rule out underlying medical causes fisrt, such as urinary tract infection, bladdar stones, crystals, etc.


  • A marking behaviour that occurs on vertical surfaces.
  • Both male and female cats will spray.
  • Usually caused by stressful or territorial stimuli.
  • May occur due to:
    • Temperament/hormones
    • Environmental influences:
      • New pet in household
      • Too many cats in the household
      • Moving
      • New person in home
      • New stimuli in neighbourhood
    • Change in relationship with owner:
      • New job/schedule change
      • Inappropriate punishments
      • Owner leaves cat during holiday


  • Spaying or neutering if not already done will solve a lot of the territorial urine marking.  90% effective in male cats, 95% effective in female.
  • Eliminate the stimulus that is causing the behaviour to occur.
    • i.e. trying to remove unwanted cats in your yard, decrease # cats in household, educate client on proper discipline techniques.
  • Proper cleaning of the environment.
    • Use products that clean the environment, not just mask odors.
    • Products that are enzymatic, like Natures Miracle or Simple Solutions.
    • You may want to suggest using a black light to find urine marking as urine will glow under a black light.
  • Phermone spray: Feliway


Inappropriate Elimination:

  • Occurs usually on horizontal surfaces and may be urine, feces or both.
  • Many different causes:
    • Dirty litter box
    • Too smelly
    • Unacceptable litter
    • Negative experience with litter box i.e. Too many people walking by.

If a cat defecates in the box and urinates outside or vice versa, may be a medical problem and has associated pain with the litter box.

  • Feline Urinary Tract Disease    
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • Renal Disease
  • Marking Behaviour
    • Usually caused by too many cats
    • Emotional problems