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Socializing Your Puppy


  • Eight weeks of age is the ideal time for a puppy to adjust to a new home.
  • Puppies need handling from day one.
  • Puppies go thorough a critical period of socialization between 8 and 16 weeks of age
  • If isolated from external stimuli and not exposed to the outside world, they can grow up to be fearful adult dogs.
  • Puppies that receive little or no human handling between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks of age often remain fearful when exposed to new situations.
  • The key is to make sure your puppy gets exposed to everything he may ever be exposed to during his lifetime, while he is very young.
  • Invite well-mannered children into your home to have supervised play sessions.
  • Keep some tasty treats available for the children to give your puppy so he associates them with food rewards.
  • Walk puppy by daycares or schools so puppy gets used to the noise of kids playing.
  • Get your puppy use to being handle all over (ears, feet, tail, etc) by strangers and children.
  • Once your puppy is vaccinated introduce himto other friendly dogs/cats.
  • When you have visitors come to your home, when the mailman delivers mail or the deliveryman brings packages, do the same thing. Give them a dog treat and have them make your puppy sit, and then give the puppy the treat for sitting.
    • This will teach the puppy that if he sits for strangers he will be rewarded.
    • This is an excellent way to prevent your puppy from jumping up on people.
    • Your puppy will also learn that visitors will come bearing gifts, instead of being someone to bark at and to protect the family from.