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Tips to Stop Jumping



Its best to start teaching your puppy not to jump as young as possible. Here are some tips to do so.

Puppy Jumping Do's

  • Before the puppy gets any attention from you the puppy must be:
    • Lying down
    • Standing
    • Sitting down
  • Ignore bad behavior and walk away or turn your back on puppies that are jumping up.
  • Be consistent.
  • If puppy insists on jumping up block the jump by forming a wall with your hands and say the command “OFF”.
  • Praise puppy when he refrains from jumping.
  • Get down to his level to give affection and attention.
  • Inform guests of your training methods and let them know not to allow jumping behavior ask your guest to directly ignore the puppy when they arrive.

Puppy Jumping Don'ts

  • Do not allow the pup to jump up.
  • Do not pet, talk, cuddle or reward him for jumping.
  • Do not give in!
  • Do not allow other people to let him jump on them.
  • Do not give up!