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Tips to Stop Chewing 


Puppy Chewing

Prevent puppy from chewing and destroying your house and belongings by providing proper training and chew toys.

  • chewing and playtime are part of normal puppy growth and development.

Puppy Chewing Do's

  • Provide several of a variety of toys for your puppy.
  • Teach your puppy to play with these toys.
  • Praise puppy every time you see him chewing or playing with his toys on his own.
  • Put out of puppy's reach anything you don't want him to chew or destroy, such as trash, shoes, hazards, etc.
  • If you find your puppy with your best shoe in mouth, distract him away from it and replace the shoe with one of his toys.
  • Your puppy does not know what is valuable or dangerous and what is not.
  • Praise him for chewing his toy.
  • Do not reprimand him for chewing your shoe - he cannot tell the difference.

Puppy Chewing Don'ts

  • Do not allow unsupervised access to stuff you don’t want chewed.
  • Do not chase the puppy in an attempt to take something away.
  • Do not reprimand excessively.
    • It gets the puppy's attention without the puppy associating it with you.
    • As soon as the puppy is distracted, show him what to chew and praise him for chewing it.