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Teaching the "Come" Command


  • Find out what motivates your dog. What kind of treat always gets an instant reaction?
  • Start in the house and call your dog's name followed by the command “COME.”
  • As soon as he arrives at your feet, give him a click and a treat.(*Read the article "Clicker Training Basics" to learn how to properly clicker train)
  • Repeat consistently, every time your dog comes when you call his name followed by the command “COME” inside your home, give him a click and a treat.
  • Once you have established this pattern to your satisfaction, take him to a secure outside location.

This may take quite a bit of time and consistent effort – this is not as easy as it sounds – be PATIENT and CONSISTENT!!!!!


  • Start all over again.
  • Call your dog's name followed by the command “COME.”
  • As soon as he begins to come towards to you, give him a click and a treat and praise lavishly.
  • Repeat constantly.
  • Wait until your dog's attention is focused on something other than you (still in a secure outside environment, i.e fenced yard, etc).
  • Call his name and say the command “COME.”
  • When he almost reaches you, give him a click and a treat.
  • Repeat this exercise continuously over the next days and weeks.
  • REMEMBER: CALL ONLY ONCE – don’t keep calling and expect that he will come eventually and let him choose which “come” to come to (or not).
    • If he does not come on the first call, stop calling him, and just go and get him. Stop the training for that session.

Note: Even though your dog has established the pattern to his mind, you = click = treats it is never completely safe to let your dog run off-leash unless you are in a secure environment.