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Teaching the "Sit" Command


  • Get the puppy's attention.
  • Have one of his favorite treats in your hand(liver treats, cheese, Roll Over, etc)
  • Let the pup sniff the treat.
  • Slowly raise the hand with the treat up and back over the puppies head saying the word "sit".
  • As the puppies nose and head go back àfollowing the treat à his rear end will go down into the sitting position
  • Click and give him the treat with lots of praise.
  • Your puppy will quickly associate the word sit, the click, treat, and the action of sitting.
  • Four or five repetitions a few times a day
  • For the stubborn puppy, take your free hand and very gently place pressure on the puppies hind end into a sitting position.

Common Mistakes

  1. Repeating the word “SIT”.
  2. Moving the hand too far back that the puppy starts to move backwards.
  3. Just wait until the puppy offer to sit and then click and treat. No treats from now on until the puppy is sitting or lying down.